1. How to build a great MVP, fast

    One of the first things a startuper has to do to get started is building a basic version of their app/website/product to show it to investors. This MVP often needs to be done fast, without sacrificing quality.

    After working on a few MVPs, we have picked up a few tricks that might help you get your product up and running quickly.

  2. Basics of Git for open-source projects

    In this article we’re going to review a couple of git best practices that will make you the dream contributor for any open-source project maintainer. Well, provided you can code as well of course! :wink:

  3. How to set up your own GitLab server

    One thing developers can’t ignore nowadays is Git. So why not use your own server?

    Note: This is the first post of this serie, aimed at helping you set up a full dev environment with GitLab, Docker and some other tools.

  4. Let's code!

    We are just getting settled, but the view looks amazing!

    let you = new Visitor();